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by Cameron Francis


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Convergence by Cameron Francis

An incredibly direct Card At Number effect!

"Convergence is the best card to number I have ever seen. Its so easy to do yet so deceptive. Great job, Cameron." - Bob Tucker

"Love it! It totally lives up to the description on your site." - Tim Eden

Cameron Francis brings you an amazing card at number effect that plays huge and is extremely practical.


The magician proposes an experiment in fate as he introduces two decks of cards; one red and one blue. The blue deck is placed in front of a spectator and the magician never touches it again. The red deck is removed from its case. The magician shows that boldly written on the back of each card is a different number. A second spectator then names ANY card (Really!). We'll say it's the Two of Diamonds. This card is removed from the deck. Another card is randomly selected. Let's say the number on the back of this card is 29.

The spectator now uncases the blue deck. He counts down 29 cards... The 29th card is the Two of Diamonds!

We've got to be up front here, Convergence is not a "Holy Grail ACAAN". It is, however, an incredibly strong and practical effect which plays huge for lay people.

And check out these amazing conditions:

  • NO gimmicks or duplicates. Both decks and card cases may be completely examined. There is nothing to find!
  • NO crib sheets or complex charts
  • NO extra props. Just two decks and that's it!
  • NO complicated calculations
  • NO memorization
  • NO sleight of hand
  • NO estimation
  • The cards from the blue deck are dealt FACE UP
  • Instant reset

1st edition 2010; 12 pages.
word count: 2729 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text