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21st Century Q&A
by Bob Cassidy


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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21st Century Q&A by Bob Cassidy

The Question Answering Act - or "Audience Reading" as it is more commonly called today - has always been the major effect in mentalism. Q&A, while arguably the most powerful and memorable effect in mentalism, is rarely seen today because it does not fit into the "body language/perceptionist" persona and style - its only explanations would appear to be pure mind reading or, as it was originally presented, communication with the spirits.

Here, in this ebook for the experienced mentalist - is a complete collection of original modern methods and, more importantly - presentations - for this classic routine.

In 21st Century Q&A you will find presentations that suit the modern performing persona and methods that defy detection. And, as in all of Bob's routines, the emphasis is on subtlety rather than electronics, secret assistants, etc.

Besides the great historical points and performance instructions, you will also learn what can only be called a true 'Cassidy': How to bend a wire coat hanger into a multipurpose stand.

1st edition 2008; 25 pages.

  1. Origins and Ethics
  2. The Evolution of Q&A
  3. The Amazing Criswell
  4. The Hanussen Switch Bag
  5. Basic Hanussen style routine
  6. Adaptation of the sequence to a straight Q and A routine
  7. The Jazz Approach
  8. 21st Century Q&A
  9. As Seen by an Imaginary Critic
  10. The Elements and Analysis
  11. Appendix

word count: 9401 which is equivalent to 37 standard pages of text