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A Journey Through the 4th Dimension
by Bob Cassidy


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A Journey Through the 4th Dimension by Bob Cassidy

A complete history of what Bob believes to be the greatest effect in mentalism, including all of the variations and methods developed over the years.

4th Dimensional Telepathy is a complete act in and of itself. Whereas the original methods utilized forces, impression devices, etc., the methods revealed herein do not. All of the spectators' selections are absolutely free.

The Basic Effect

In all of the versions described in this ebook, the effect of Fourth Dimensional Telepathy is the same or very nearly so. Only in Bob's first variant, "Ultimate Fourth Dimensional Telepathy" did he adopt a handling that was visually different from Annemann’s original and Bob's later variations.

A generic description of the effect, as perceived by an astute spectator, would go something like this:

One spectator thinks of a name and writes it on a piece of paper. A second volunteer writes down the name of a pet. Both fold their papers and are asked to seal them in pay-type envelopes, and then to hold them up to the light to verify that they cannot see through them. A third spectator is handed a slip of paper and asked to draw a picture. He too folds his slip and seals it in an envelope. The performer collects the envelopes and numbers them 1, 2, 3. They are then given to another audience member for safe-keeping. The performer does his concentrating bit, and writes something on a large pad which is placed face down on the lap of a spectator in the front row. He then asks for envelope number ''1 ,'' tears it open, removes the slip and reads it aloud. The spectator with the pad turns it over showing that the performer's impression was correct. The slip of paper is returned to its owner.

The same procedure is followed with the second spectator, but when the performer gets to the third volunteer the procedure is changed. The mentalist takes the third envelope and crumples it up. He puts it in his pocket, without ever opening it, and hands the third volunteer a large pad and a magic marker. The volunteer is asked to draw the same picture he drew before, but much bigger, so that everyone can see. The performer turns his back to the volunteer while this is done and draws a picture on a large pad of his own. The climax is reached when it is shown that the drawings match.


  • Introduction
  • The Two Eras of Modern Mentalism
  • Mentalism and the Fourth Dimension
  • The Fourth Dimension – it's all about time and timing
  • The Basic Effect
  • Annemann's Fourth Dimensional Telepathy
  • The Transparency Method
  • The "Backwards" One-Ahead Method
  • Time Out
  • My Original Approach
  • Ultimate Fourth Dimensional Telepathy - 1977
  • The Three Envelope Test - 1996
  • A Sure-Fire Prediction
  • The Pocket Dump - 1988
  • The Shaxon Flap Envelope
  • Later Routines and Developments
  • Swami Variant - 2001
  • Bluff Variant and Out - the No Gimmick Approach
1st edition 2007; 34 pages.
word count: 13871 which is equivalent to 55 standard pages of text