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A Helping of Punch
by Neville Wiltshire

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A Helping of Punch by Neville Wiltshire

From the foreword:

What I am writing is not for the beginner but for the man with a Punch show already, Many of these will, like myself, be semi-pros who do Magic as well. With Magic one can change ones show fairly easily and indeed this is necessary working in a small area with the same bookings coming in year after year.

It is not so easy to change a Punch show. Not a great deal has been written in the way of Novelty items. There are puppet plays which could be adapted especially those written in German for the puppet Kasper. The snag is that most of these are written for more than one operator.

The following material will help an established Punch Worker to say to his bookers that he can give a complete change of show for a repeat date. All the routines have been performed by me hundreds of times and are carefully worked out to allow changes of puppets to take place without rushing or unnecessary waits,

  • Foreword
  • Bigger Joey Bigger
  • Lights For Your Puppet Theatre
  • A Present for the Birthday Child
  • Mr. Punch's Escape
  • Mr. Punch's Magic Christmas Tree
  • Mr. Punch and the Sausages
  • Hints Tips And Ideas

1st edition 1969, 44 pages; PDF 47 pages.
word count: 9753 which is equivalent to 39 standard pages of text