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A Lifetime in Magic 1
by Devin Knight


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A Lifetime in Magic 1 by Devin Knight

A selection of some of the best creations by Devin Knight. (Please note that all effects have been released earlier as standalone products and are available individually on See product links throughout the product description.)

Improved Tri-Epic Deluxe - this is a clever three or even four way newspaper prediction effect reminiscent of David Copperfield's Graffiti Wall, but more portable and totally suitable for a one man act.

Psychic Money Sense - designed for an intimate close up show, this experiment apparently shows that a spectator has an excellent psychic sense as he achieves an impossible outcome using three pay envelopes and some ordinary coins.

First Date Revelation - romantic mentalism. The performer correctly divines the name of a spectator's first date, and even manages to locate which one of six billets has the person's name written on it.

Puzzle Mania - a brilliant routine which is perfect for children's shows. Both the magician, and then the birthday child, manage to correctly guess which pieces have been removed from a completed tray puzzle.

Far Sight - a total reputation making fooler. Ten cards are dealt face up on a table and the mentalist, standing on the far side of the room and with his back turned, correctly reveals the name of a card genuinely freely selected by a spectator. Brilliant, unfathomable method.

Aqua Coin Flight - a practical parlour routine. Three different value marked coins are dropped by a spectator into a tall thin glass of water and one is then selected. Without sleights or difficult moves, the coin vanishes from the glass and ends up inside a sealed envelope.

Tarot Sight - as near to real mind reading as you can get! Five cards are dealt out face up from a shuffled tarot pack. Four helpers each simply think of any of the cards, and the performer manages to correctly identify which card each spectator is thinking about.

Test Conditions Ring Penetration - not everything Devin does has a mentalism flavour, and here he explains a deviously clever way to get a borrowed ring tied onto a length of rope that is already tied to both the performer's wrists.

Blindsight DIY - a major feature routine in which the performer manages to apparently prove that a spectator may have 'blindsight' - in other words that he can successfully identify colours that he can't even see. Brilliant method concept that is straightforward to do.

1st edition 2018, 130 pages.
word count: 44265 which is equivalent to 177 standard pages of text

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