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by Devin Knight


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Tri-Epic by Devin Knight
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If you are looking for a large visual stage mental effect, then look no further! Tri-Epic is an updated mental epic type effect, but without the old fashion chalk boards, and WITH NO ONE-AHEAD method. Tri-Epic is new, novel and different! This effect sells from magic dealers for over $300 new with all the props. You can make it for a fraction of that.

(Although similar to the smaller, In The News, the method and handling are different. This is designed for stage work. In The News was more for close-up and parlor work.)

If you liked David Copperfield's Graffiti Effect then you will love this. Creates a similar effect WITHOUT ANY OFFSTAGE OR SECRET ASSISTANTS! It's direct from Devin Knight's own touring show and has been an audience pleaser for many years. It is currently being featured by many top mentalists in their acts.


Performer invites three people on stage. These are not stooges and no pre-show work has been done. A 17" x 23" cork board is seen on an easel. Clipped to it is an envelope. Inside is a prediction and this is given to one of the spectators to hold before the effect begins.

One person freely selects the front page of one of three newspapers on a table. NO FORCE of any kind, the one he picks up to pin to the cork board is the one used. It is a free choice and it is that clean. No magician's choice is used!

A deck of jumbo cards is shown to be all different. Performer takes one card at a time in his hand and allows another person to say stop at any time. The card you are holding is given to him. He can change his mind if he wants to as many times as he likes until he decides on a card.

The third person is shown a clear bag of markers. He reaches in and selects one.

He draws a picture of the selected card on the newspaper using his chosen marker. The person holding the prediction opens it, NOT THE MAGICIAN, and removes a folded newspaper from it. When the paper is opened it is the same front page of the freely chosen newspaper. Drawn on the paper in the same color as the marker chosen by the third person is the selected card chosen by the 2nd person!

Includes two other handlings for the selection of a marker not using the clear bag. In one version, the spectator selects a marker from a handful held behind his back and this is used to draw the card.

An extremely baffling mental routine that can be seen on the largest stages if needed and strong enough to close a show with.

1st edition 2014, 24 pages.
word count: 8823 which is equivalent to 35 standard pages of text