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A1 All Stars Volume 2 (for resale)
by Various Authors

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A1 All Stars Volume 2 (for resale) by Various Authors
  • Paul Harris - Lysdexia: A word on the page of a book travels from one part of the page to another. Totally weird and magical. - Window of Opportunity: a signed business card vanishes and reappears inside a sealed piece of junk mail. No palming.
  • John Cornelius - Oh, Calcutta Shuffle: a useful, deceptive, easy-to-do false shuffle from one of magic's most creative minds.
  • Daryl - Ring, Rope & Wand: from the "magician's magician" a borrowed ring magically penetrates a solid wand.
  • Gary Kurtz - Remember & Forget: a killer card routine revealing multiple selections. - Fingertip Longitudinal Steal: a completely deceptive card steal.
  • Darwin Ortiz - Jacks or Better: a professional card routine from one of the top gambling magicians in the world.
  • Larry Jennings - Royal Twist: Larry's classic twisting routine. Four tens turn face down by magic and then change into a royal flush.
  • Allan Ackerman - Reassembled Finale: an incredible ace assembly from one of magic's most prolific performers.
  • Larry Becker - T.C. Spectre: a card prediction accomplished under test conditions from one of Mental Magic's giants.

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