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A1 All Stars Volume 5 (for resale)
by Various Authors

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A1 All Stars Volume 5 (for resale) by Various Authors
  • Michael Skinner - Ten Peeks: Michael's most cherished card effect, the incredible ten-card location. The ace through ten of diamonds are found in extremely magical ways. - Cut & Restored Rope: Michael's routine for this time-honored classic of magic. - Interview Segment: Roger Klause hosts this magical moment in time with Michael Skinner.
  • Paul Wilson - Wild With The Ladies: "Wildcard" Scottish style. Paul's personal method for this card classic. Four jokers magically change into a spectator's selection. For the finale, they change into the four queens.
  • Jack Carpenter - Three-In-One: a selection is revealed in a startlingly magical manner.
  • Martin A. Nash - A Hard Ace To Follow: a real card miracle from the Charming Cheat.
  • Rich Marotta - Fair Is Fair: a great walk-around card effct.
  • Martin Lewis - Sucker Silks: perhaps the highlight of the DVD. Learn every line and move from Martin's hilarious routine for the color changing silks. A true professional showpiece.
  • Allan Ackerman - The Hotel Mystery: an expert's touches on a classic card routine. Great magic with an engaging story.

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