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Above Suspicion

by Jack Yates

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Above Suspicion by Jack Yates

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A self-working principle which determined a person's thoughts . . . Listen to this bewildering effect. A pack of cards is shuffled and a spectator merely thinks of a card. The pack is then dealt once, twice and finally a third time into two piles. Before completing the last dealing the spectator may, if he so wishes, shuffle both halves. Despite all this, when the spectator deals through the pack he finds there are only 51 cards; the thought-of card has vanished! The performer produces the card from his pocket before the spectator names his chosen card. An astounding climax which completely floors the audience. There is no clue to the miracle. It must be genuine thought-reading, for throughout the routine everything is above suspicion.

NOTE THESE POINTS: There are no fake cards, no complicated set-up. (There is a small four card set-up on the top that has to be preserved through the first shuffle - easy to do with a riffle shuffle, or these four cards need to be palmed out, remaining deck handed out for shuffle, and then added back.) The system is capable of many variations. One pack only is used and it may be borrowed. It is easy to perform. The spectator does not write anything. The card is chosen in his mind and strange to say you know the card before the spectator names it. The final palming out of the spectator card is not necessary. Author suggests other ways to finish the trick.

1st edition 1966, PDF 5 pages.
word count: 967 which is equivalent to 3 standard pages of text

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