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Kalendeck by Unknown Mentalist

Kalendeck is a calendar deck. If at all it is possible to "Pre-Know" any stack, it is this. In other words, you probably already know this stack but you are simply not aware of it. If you know the basics of a calendar, then you already know most of this deck. Or you can easily pick this up in just a few minutes. It is that easy and that simple.

Kalendeck is a memorized deck which looks very random and well shuffled - both values and suits. Given any position, you know the card instantly and vice versa. It may take all of about ten minutes for you to learn this stack. Of course, practice may take a couple of hours. No rote memorization required.

Kronos Deck is a variation of Kalendeck and is included here. Now you decide which one of these two stacks is the easier one. A lot of bonus material is also included.

Bonus Stacks included:

  1. Era Deck
  2. CMC Stack
  3. Almanac Stack

1st edition 2020, PDF 25 pages.
word count: 4183 which is equivalent to 16 standard pages of text

Reviewed by David Burmeister (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 25 July, 2020

This is another GREAT deck stack that belongs in every mentalists collection. I don't know how the UNKNOWN MENTALIST has a gift to come up with these stacked decks but it's a steal at the price. I recommend it very highly. Well done UNKNOWN MENTALIST!