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Aldo on Trost Volume 1
by Aldo Colombini

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Aldo on Trost Volume 1 by Aldo Colombini

Nick Trost was a master in creating amazing tricks and routines based on subtleties rather than difficult sleight-of-hand. Here you have a the first of a three volume set based on the card magic of Nick Trost. This is Aldo's tribute to a very creative magician.

All the tricks are performed with a regular deck of cards.


  • ACE STOP: Here is a quick, easy method of locating the four Aces in a magical manner.
  • AMBITIOUS DEUCE SANDWICH: A selected card is buried in the deck only to jump to the top and land between the two red Deuces. This happens three times.
  • TEN-IN-A-ROW DOUBLE COINCIDENCE: This trick represents Trost at his best-and we think his best is hard to beat. The name says it all.
  • ROYAL RENDEZVOUS: This routine with court cards packs a three-way punch and there is no sleight of hand involved.
  • TRIUMPH ACE OPENER: The deck is cut and the two halves shuffled together, one face up and one face down. The deck is ribbon spread and all the cards are face down except the four Aces.
  • THE TELEPHONE NUMBER TRICK: This is a very simple method for performing the revelation of a spectator’s telephone number with cards.
  • THE OMEGA BET-UPDATED: A match or no match bet with cards with several climaxes; the last one occurs after a spectator shuffles the deck. Great routine.
  • MULTIPLYING KINGS: Four Kings and a selection. The cards are counted three times: the first time there are five; the second time, six; and the third time, seven. Then there are eight face-up Kings. The cards are counted again and they are just the four Kings. The selection appears face up in the middle of the deck. Fun to watch and fun to do.
  • ACE TO FIVE: You show the AS to 5S. The AS is placed second from the top of the packet and it rises to the top. You repeat with the 2S, 3S and 4S. The 5S changes to the 5H.
  • MENTAL FINGERTIPS: You hand the deck to a spectator and turn your back. The spectator removes a few cards. A second spectator selects a card at random. The deck is dropped into your pocket. You remove two cards: The total corresponds to the number of cards removed by the first spectator. For the second climax, you remove from the pocket the mate of the other spectator’s selection.

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