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(1890 - 1974)

Stage name of Amedeo Vacca. He was born in Italy and migrated to America where he became a professional magician by the age of 18, performing in Chicago and New York. Debut 1910. Vacca met Houdini in Chicago at August Roterberg's magic shop in 1921. They became close friends and eventually, he ended up working for Houdini. He was his advance man from 1924-26. He was one of the last links with Houdini, traveling ahead and making arrangements for him in total secrecy. After Houdini's death, he performed under the name Amedeo and toured the world.

In 1938 became one of the earliest magicians (and the 1st American citizen) to work cruise ships (for the Canadian-Pacific Line). Featured fire-eating. Invented Phantom Buzzer (1951). Amedeo Vacca's study with a common box of matches spawned a whole generation of animated matchbox effects.

See Frank Garcia and George Schindler, Amedeo's Continental Magic (1974, 115pp) and Charles Kalish, Amedeo, The International Deceptionist: A Lecture.

Coauthors: George Schindler

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Amedeo Lecture by Amedeo

It isn't what you do but the way that you do it.

A lecture on magic featuring all the original, unusual methods of handling, which have been applied to standard tricks, and, for the first time, revealing the secrets of sixty years, performing original effects that have proved enduring with audiences.

  • A Cigarette
  • Ed Mishell's Cut And Restored Rope
  • Ribbon Production From A Handkerchief
  • A Ring On A Ribbon
  • The Impossible Bill Tube
  • The Animated Match Box
  • A New Slant On Three Ropes
  • Handkerchiefs Produced From Ribbons
  • The Coin That Vanishes
  • The Cut And Restored Ribbons

1st edition...

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Amedeo & George Schindler
Amedeo by Amedeo & George Schindler

When George Schindler wrote his book Amedeo's Continental Magic he used his tape recorder frequently to capture some of the remarkable Amedeo stories. On this recording George introduces Amedeo and we then hear Amedeo himself talking about his life and times in working for over 65 years in more than 23 countries. In 1972 the New York Society of Magicians named Amedeo as "Magician of the Year." Here is your opportunity to hear him talking about some of his experiences.

Recorded October 20th, 1973. Length 52 min.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)