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Bending Minds 2 by Biagio Fasano & Renzo Grosso & Davide Rubat Remond

With Bending Minds 2 continues the collection of effects centered on the principle of the binary system, according to a new and innovative vision. From this second volume on, not only playing cards will be used to tell our magical stories, but also simple notes or some business cards.

We present four more effects, two with cards and two with notes, with a number of elements varying from 4 to 8. Throughout the course of the effect, the cards are subject to a dynamic, the positions are constantly changing, each time in a different way. Even more than in the first volume you will be able to amaze your friends or spectators, either live or by telephone or remotely video connected, with complete effects featuring an original, credible presentation and an incredible final prediction.

The Solitude of Prime Numbers

A story inspired by Paolo Giordano's book of the same title, to be performed with four cards representing two pairs of prime numbers. We enter the fascinating and mysterious world of these numbers with their unknown, magical properties.

The spectator chooses the one he feels more similar to and, after a series of mixtures to be performed, at a distance or in connection, following the instructions of the mentalist, the latter will be able to identify the card with the number chosen among the four arranged on the table. A story of loneliness and prime numbers.

The Unusual Suspects

A dark-colored story with five characters, represented by five playing cards, confronted by an expert police detective. And a witness, not exactly reliable, will have to deal with the five suspects of a bank robbery.

The mentalist, in the role of detective, will be able to identify the location of the culprit of the robbery and unmask the witness in case he is not sincere. The suspects will be subject all the time to a continuous dynamic in which the cards, of which they are the representatives, vary their position, despite this the mentalist will manage to solve the mystery, and the suspects, although unusual, will find their way to prison.

Your Lost Love

The first of the effects to be created with blank cards, on which the names of some girls/boys will be indicated, taking the spectator back in time. A trip down memory lane in search of a lost first love.

On both sides of four tickets, there are eight names written, but only one of them is the one that excites the most. After a series of shuffles in which the various names shift and turn around on the table, the mentalist will be able to identify the one and only true lost love of the spectator.

The Witness

A group of people, sixteen to be exact, are suspected of having committed a murder. During a private party, the unpredictable happens and one of their group is found dead. The spectator will find himself playing the only witness to the crime, the only person able to identify the author of the criminal act.

After the eight white notes have been filled in on both sides with the sixteen names of the group of friends, the mentalist in a close confrontation with the witness, in which the dynamics of the mixtures applied to the cards move the suspects around after each answer, will be able to identify the author of the murder. Only four questions are available against four men and four women suspects.

Although in Bending Minds 1 we discussed deeply the binary system (the same system, that uses only 0 and 1, adopted from computers) and why it is involved in these kinds of mentalism effects, in which we can receive just 2 types of answers: Yes, or No, in this new volume you will find everything you need to know, in order to be able to perform all the effects included with complete confidence.

Anyway, if you like this ebook, we strongly recommend that you read also the previous Volume I, and the next Volume III, the last one, coming soon, to deepen all the aspects and all the possibilities of the method we describe because there are no limits to the "imagination" in composing arrangements, with more or fewer cards or notes, also written on both sides, and with the spectator free to lie or tell the truth.

1st edition 2021, PDF 54 pages.
word count: 9611 which is equivalent to 38 standard pages of text