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Bending Minds 3 by Biagio Fasano & Renzo Grosso & Davide Rubat Remond

Bending Minds Vol. 3 ends the collection of effects centered on the principle of the binary system, according to a new and innovative vision. In this third volume, not only playing cards will be used to tell our magical stories, but also tickets or some business cards.

You will find 4 new effects and an extra bonus one, using cards or just some tickets, with a number of elements varying from 3 to 7. Throughout the course of the effect, the cards are subject to a dynamic, the positions are constantly changing, each time in a different way. Even more than in the first two volumes you will be able to amaze your friends or spectators, either live or by telephone or remotely video connected, with complete effects featuring an original, credible presentation and an incredible final prediction.


Seven cards in a particular disposition to try an experiment that wants to demonstrate the effectiveness of the theory of "Six Degrees of Separation" according to which five steps between acquaintances are sufficient to reach any person in the world. A pseudo-scientific theory, which only thanks to the cards and their movements dictated by the mentalist, manages to have a positive outcome.


Six cards placed on the table turn into a lie detector. Target: a secret to be revealed only through the formulation of some questions. The mentalist and the machine are in direct contact: after each answer, the machine is reprogrammed thanks to a mixture of the six cards. At the end of the procedure, the machine itself will reveal the secret on its display.


A story inspired by Agatha Christie's famous novel enacted out with five blank notes to be used on both sides. Ten characters, one of which represents the MURDERER, must be named on the cards. Only the spectator knows the identity of the criminal, but the mentalist will be able, by formulating the right questions, to identify his position and to understand if the answers have been given respecting the truth.

TEN LITTLE INDIANS V. 2 (with 5 Playing Cards)

This is the version of "Ten Little Indians" to be performed with playing cards. Since there are no blank faces, the characters that can be represented are only five, one of which will be identified as the MURDERER. Even in this case, the mentalist will ask the right questions to track down the person responsible for the murder and to understand if, during the questioning, the witness has been sincere or has lied.


A representation of "Rock-Paper-Scissors" by means of three cards, representing on both faces the three symbols. Each challenge against the spectator, who will have to choose one of the three elements and cover it with a hand, will be 100% successful.

Although previously in Bending Minds we discussed deeply the binary system (the same system, that uses only 0 and 1, adopted from computers) and why it is involved in these kinds of mentalism effects, in which we can receive just 2 types of answers: Yes, or No, in this last volume you will find everything you need to know, in order to be able to perform all the effects included with complete confidence.

Anyway, if you like this ebook, we strongly recommend that you read also the previous 2 Volumes to deepen all the aspects and all the possibilities of the method we describe because there are no limits to the "imagination" in composing arrangements, with more or fewer cards or tickets, also written on both sides, and with the spectator free to lie or tell the truth.

1st edition 2022, PDF 55 pages.
word count: 12075 which is equivalent to 48 standard pages of text