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Berland's Bill Tear Secrets
by Samuel Berland

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Berland's Bill Tear Secrets by Samuel Berland

Perhaps the best torn and restored bill effect the magical world has ever seen.

A magical inspiration that comes once in a blue moon. A sensation of the I.B.M. and S.A.M. conventions. After you've read the following effect, you'll say it's impossible. And so will your audience, when they see you perform this bill tear.

Effect: The performer reaches into his wallet and removes a dollar bill. To preclude the possibility of exchange or duplicates, the performer requests someone in the audience to mark the bill in any manner they wish. His hands are carefully shown to be empty. There is no deception about it.

The banknote is held at the corners, at the extreme finger tips. Now visibly and slowly the bill is torn in half. The hands are widely separated to prove there is no deception about this. The halves are again placed together and the bill torn into fourths ... and finally torn into eighths. The performer's hands are held far apart, exhibiting the torn parts of the bill in each hand. Now for the miracle.

The hands are brought together and, in the twinkling of an eye, the bill is opened ... fully restored. The performer's hands are shown empty, and without any hesitation, the bill is handed out for examination and verification that it is the original marked bill.

That is just one of the incredible effects described. Also included is a second method that is just as incredible and uses no gimmicks.

"This is one of the best [bill tear] methods I have ever seen - even beats the sleight-of-hand method which so few can do convincingly." - John Braun, Linking Ring

"This is probably the best and most convincing of the many bill tearing effects. It comes complete with excellent diagrams that teach the moves, step by step. A typical Berland effect, practical and commercial." -Sid Lorraine, the New Tops

"A subtle and excellent trick." - John Mulholland, the Sphinx

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