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Bits of Patter
by T. S. Barns

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Bits of Patter by T. S. Barns

From the introduction:

I think that among the first requirements that people make of a magician, or of a "society entertainer," as some of our young stars term themselves nowadays, is that he be really clever, - clever not only with his hands, so that he can give a creditable performance without lumbering up their drawing rooms with a hack full of gorgeous hangings, but also with his mouth, in that he be able to talk to them in their own terms about the tricks he does.

  • Just a Word
  • Drum Head and Casatte
  • Orange and Ribbon
  • Astra Floating Ball
  • The Rice Bowls
  • The Hindoo Lota
  • The Cards from the Pocket
  • The Thumb Tie
  • The Banknote and Lemon
  • The Chinese Linking Rings
  • New Use for an Old Piece of Apparatus
  • Notes

1st edition 1915, 11 pages; PDF 10 pages.
word count: 4162 which is equivalent to 16 standard pages of text