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Intuitively Yours
by Bob Cassidy


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Intuitively Yours by Bob Cassidy

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This is a complete presentation for corporate and professional groups - performance rights included.

It's no secret that public and keynote speaking is one of the most lucrative markets for the skilled mentalist. Instead of earning $500 to $1500 for a typical program, the speaker generally makes ten times that. Many mentalists, though, feel a bit awkward with the idea of wrapping a piece of entertainment up as a serious lecture. Probably because of the natural feeling that's it's just a bit dishonest to use mentalism as a means of "selling" pop psychology or spurious science.

It was exactly the problem that initially prevented Bob from taking public speaking too seriously. Sure, things like memory, kinesics (body language) and various other forms of non-verbal communication, offered themes that a mentalist could develop seriously, they just didn't seem as "amazing" to Bob as straight "scientific mind reading" (whatever that is) or "paranormal" presentations.

Bob's friend Bill Tadlock, a fine mentalist and speaker, once suggested to him that he explore "intuition" as a theme. Bob politely told him that he thought it was a good idea - and he did, really. The fact that many people view intuition, hunches and precognitive "feelings" as being more "legitimate" than psychic functioning gives the idea a broad commercial appeal - but Bob had a hard time picturing himself selling picture duplications or book tests as examples of "the intuitive power that exists within us all - and how you can make it work for you, etc etc."

And Bob never really cared much for pumped-up and inspirational "self-help" presentations. "Do you feel the power?" seemed to be an approach better suited to the Rev Dr. Bob, who takes a much more pragmatic approach than he - "They feel the power and Bob feels the green, and what's wrong with a good feel now and then?" is usually the way he puts it. (Return engagements are not one of his specialties - they are too likely to result in his being held over for five to ten years.)

But something told Bob this was the way to go. Intuitively Yours was the result. It is a complete public speaking presentation designed for use before corporate and professional groups.

Part One is devoted to the presentation itself and provides a complete sample script which is easily customized to suit your own persona as well as the needs of your clients.

Part Two deals with appropriate effects and methods. The effects that you would normally use in a mentalism program are not necessarily desirable in the context of a corporate/professional presentation where you are expected to give the audience something they can use, not merely forty-five minutes of entertainment. (That's why good speakers are paid more than a performer whose sole purpose is to amuse and amaze.)

1st edition 2005; 21 pages.
word count: 8254 which is equivalent to 33 standard pages of text

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