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Another Vaudeville Magic Act
by Geo DeLawrence


(1 review, 5 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Another Vaudeville Magic Act by Geo DeLawrence

Two vaudeville comedy magic acts are described in terms of props stage setting and patter.

1st edition, 1922?, Geo DeLawrence; 25 pages.

  1. Introductory
  2. Props and Stage Setting (First Act)
  3. Props and Stage Setting (Second Act)
  4. Comedy Act: No. 1
  5. Patter for Act No. 2

word count: 5149 which is equivalent to 20 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Paul Budd (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 17 November, 2007

Please note: if you like Vaudevillian-style patter (and I do), you'll LOVE this book!!

At only 25 pages, it's more of a pamphlet really, and please be aware: you really only get about 3 "tricks" within the book (and not much explanation of those at that).....they're common effects, well documented in magic literature (you'll probably already know them). What you get, really is the VERBATIM patter of a (roughly) 16-minute Vaudevillian magic act, clearly outlined with instructions for: A. How to set the stage before your performance B. Orchestra cues (and comedic bits of how you might interact with the orchestra conductor) C. All the "walk here - stand there" blocking notes you might ever need for this act.

I love Vaudeville and this drips with that certain "style". The cost is reasonable. Get it only to help you remember how important self-depracating asides can be when you want your audience to laugh during your act. A great investment and will be treasured addition to my magic library.