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Block by Dee Christopher

Dee Christopher finally divulges the full work on his Block concept. You could walk into a room with just this gimmick and blow the minds of the entire room, one by one.

"Oh boy, what a clever man Dee is. Simple gimmick to make, solid full p##k, and great ideas from the mind of a clever gentleman. An excellent tool to achieve mind reading." - Pablo Amira

"Get it. Trust me." - Tom Mullenger

"Block is one of the best peek devices I've EVER used!" - Lewis Lé Val

"It's rare that I'm fooled, but this TOTALLY fooled me. I'm going to make one now!" - Peter Antoniou

"This is really smart, and not at all what I expected!" - Ken Dyne

"The Block Peek was a surprise and revelation. It also offers considerable advantages over some other peeks - you get a full card peek and the peek needn't be rushed. A strong 9/10." - NeilS

"This is one of those 'slap your face I should have thought of this' moments... Its a peek I LOVE to use and I'm glad he's finally getting this out there on a bigger scale!" - Alan Rorrison

  • The reset is instant.
  • The construction will take you 2 minutes.
  • The handling is logical, fun and easy to do.
The Block Concept was a stand out piece from Deeper Still and gained a lot of attention when it was briefly covered in Dee's Penguin Live Lecture. Never before has this much detail gone into the construction of the devious gimmick and the un-gimmicked versions (which you will love) have never been published before.

This is not a short, 5 minute download. Dee takes over 40 minutes to discuss the intricacies of this amazing method, as well as interweaving tid-bits of theory and advice to apply to your own performances.

1st edition 2017, length 41 min

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