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Bobo Magic Show
by J. B. Bobo


(1 review, 5 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Bobo Magic Show by J. B. Bobo

While you probably know Bobo from his classic Modern Coin Magic, he also was America's most famous school show performer and he was extremely successful in this field. In this ebook, he includes effects and presentations by the dozen. Loaded with photographs and drawings.

  • How It All Happened
  • The Joy Of Entertaining Children And Making A Good Living Out Of It
  • The Road To Success In School Assembly Shows
  • The School Show
  • The Way To Go
  • A Useful Approach
  • Note On Angle Tricks
  • Do The Trick!
  • Using Kids From The Audience
  • Gags, Jokes, And Bits Of Business
  • Packing
  • Opening Patter
  • Programs
  • Audacity
  • Building Your Own Apparatus
  • Silk To Cane
  • The Jumping Jack
  • A Japanese Flower Trick
  • Comedy Blooming Bouquet
  • Color Change And Fountain Of Silks
  • Down Memory Lane
  • Passing The Salt
  • The Vanishing Coke Bottle
  • Jensen Card In Balloon
  • Two And Two Make Five
  • Cat And Canary
  • Senator Crandall's Gamblers' Nightmare
  • Skull And Crossbones Twentieth Century
  • Comedy Coin And Tipsy Bottle Routine
  • Comedy Cooking Routine
  • The Botania
  • Por Mor
  • Stage Paddle Trick
  • Flippo
  • Torn And Restored Napkins
  • Soft Soap
  • The Sympathetic Silks
  • The Serpent Silk
  • Up, Fido!
  • The Rice Bowls
  • The Woofle Dust Caper
  • Just For Fun
  • The Bobo Jap Box Routine
  • Super Rabbit Vanish
  • Program Number Three
  • Blendo And Flowers
  • The Water Lota
  • The Leopard Silk
  • The Three To One Rope Trick
  • The Sliding Knot
  • Instant Art
  • The Mutilated Parasol
  • Chicken Sandwich
  • Throwing A Knot
  • ABC Trick
  • The Blooming Idiot Trick
  • Dietrix
  • Improved Jumbo Phanto Spheres
  • The Candle Tube Routine
  • The P Can And Funnel Routine
  • The Candy Vase Routine
  • Skull, Casket, Silks & Flag
  • Wikerjil And The Nothing Opener
  • Rising Card Thru Silk
  • The Ethereal Silk
  • Silk Vanish Or Change
  • A Comedy Routine
  • Here, There Or Where?
  • Optical Illusion Routine
  • Close Up Magic For Kids
  • Coin From The Fingertip
  • Producing A Coin From A Child's Ear
  • Nuts To You
  • The Seven Penny Trick
  • A Lesson In Sleeving
  • Bottom Crimp
  • Ultra Card Stab
  • The Pop Over Card
  • The Business End Of The Fun-Business
  • Love Letters To A Magician
  • Bobo The Magician
  • Ben Stone On Bobo

1st edition 1984, 1st digital edition 2015, 275 pages.
word count: 83371 which is equivalent to 333 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Andre Magic (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 20 November, 2023

I have the original hard book, like my other purchases, the PDF is right on. I am so glad that I was referred to this site.