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Mystery Makers
by Jim Coles

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Mystery Makers by Jim Coles

Jim Coles, who is the author of the best selling PK Revolution, describes in this ebook four stunning routines with cards, coins and cigarettes.

Mirror Image
Showing his hands to be unmistakably empty, the performer displays a small mirror and a half dollar. Holding the half dollar above the mirror, he tilts the mirror forward, making the coin's reflection slide off the mirror's surface and become a perfect duplicate of the coin he holds! No shell. Everything may be examined.

Shadow Of A Thought
Do thoughts have physical substance? Can that substance be captured? Using a pack of cigarettes as an impromptu canvas, the performer extracts a thought from the spectator's head and causes it to visibly appear on the cigarette package. A killer feat of visual mentalism that's easy to do!

False Memory
In an attempt to control coincidence, the performer writes a prediction on the card case which is displayed and set aside in full view. When a card is selected and doesn't prove to match the prediction, it would seem the experiment has been a failure. However when the card case is checked, its found that the prediction has somehow changed to match the selection! Ends clean and is examinable.

You mix the ace through five of diamonds while a spectator mixes the ace through five of hearts. Although there would seem to be no chance for subterfuge, when the faces are revealed their orders match! Completely impromptu. Includes a bonus kicker.

1st edition 2006; 27 pages.
word count: 7156 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text