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Canastos by Ulrich von Etzenbach

Canastos is one of these few book test predictions, which you can perform anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Once you have learned Canastos, you can perform an impromptu miracle wherever you go.

The performer invites a spectator to take part in his experiment. The performer hands a spectator an envelope and asks them to make sure it is never touched by the performer again. The spectator is also given a book to inspect and to make sure that every page is different with nothing else written down except the text itself.

The performer takes the book back and riffles through the pages until the spectator calls out stop. The performer stops on the exact page that's called.The performer estimates the number of lines there are on the page and asks the spectator to choose one of the numbers, say between 1-45. The spectator then counts down to his chosen number and chooses any word from the line he is now on. Once this is done, the envelope is finally opened and inside there is one piece of paper. Unbelievably the word written on the paper matches 100% correctly that chosen by the spectator!

"I just finished reading your ebook... great job! Nice compilation of various ideas. I also like some of the bonus ideas." - Patrik Kuffs

"I enjoyed "Canastos" and find it a worthy and valuable addition to my own impromptu arsenal. I definitely recommend it!" - Jerome Finley

"I believe CANASTOS is really great and brilliant. Two thinkers putting their heads together and trying to emulate fair conditions on Chan Canastas wonderful book test." - Alex Alejandro

"I just finished reading your PDF, which is a very good improptu book test that you do anytime, anywhere. I REALLY like the fact that is uses multiple methods!" - Luca Volpe

"This book test combines some great methods to create a very direct effect. The approach uses multiple methods that back each other up and lead to a very flexible and clean approach which is what good mentalism is all about." - Marc Paul

"This is a great book test! I like it a lot!" - Art Vanderlay

1st edition 2014, 30 pages.
word count: 4051 which is equivalent to 16 standard pages of text