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Card Conspiracy 2
by Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson

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Card Conspiracy 2 by Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson
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14 Chapters, 70+ tricks, 150+ illustrations by Joseph K. Schmidt.

  1. Interlocked Principle: Topmost; Blackjack Aces; Between 2 Worlds
  2. Jog Switch: The Producers; JS Ace Production; Rags to Riches
  3. Kosky Switch: Compression Agents; Compression Agents Revisited; Fan Dancing Queens; Infallible Foolable Kings; Self Correcting Sandwich & variants
  4. Misc. - General: Bottom Biddle Following Orders; Change-Over Queens; Clockwise; Con-found; The Piston; Shiftless Royalty; Impaired Royalty; The Ringmaster; Return to Sender; Traveling Queen; Vollmer Variant; Ambitious & Overworked
  5. Misc. - Set-ups: Flexible Choice; Harvey's Harvest; Domino Effect; Gilbreath Plays Dominoes; A Slight Slant on Slaight; Another Slant on Slaight; Iain Girdwood's Unicycle Stack + The Accidental Diary
  6. Prime Number Principle: Last Card Standing & variants; Prime Deal; Phake Dyce Trique
  7. Principle of Nine: Fate, Chance & Science; Witchwatch; Teenwork
  8. Karl Fulves' Riffle Shuffle Control: For Christ's Sake; Murder Mystery; Mode 2 Order 2; Pokerevelation; Synchronicity
  9. RSC Multiple Shift: Double Reversal; Four Wrongs Make a Right; Odd men Out
  10. Robverse: A Card Between Aces; Contrary Toss-in; Data Collectors; Double Oreo Collectors; Streetwise Collectors; Focalized Aces; Mr. Memory Man; Psychicardtric; RV Visitor; The Intruder; Turning Tricks; Twisting the Connected Kings
  11. Spread Double-Lift: Jumping Jack Flash; Jumping Jack Flash Returns; Pathfinders
  12. Spread Half-Pass: Double Reversal; Well, look at that!
  13. Stripout Reverse Switch: Flip-over Flush; Flip-over Couples; Near Miss; From Rags to Royalty; Guys in Disguise; Ahoy, Matey!
  14. Three Card Catch: I'm so Confused!; The Mathemagicians; Collective Unconscious; Express Aces
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1st edition 2003; electronic edition 2007; 170 pages.
word count: 50341 which is equivalent to 201 standard pages of text