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Card Miracles
by Toni Koynini

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Card Miracles by Toni Koynini

Toni Koynini brings to you some fine card magic with a new approach. This is an ebook of card magic in which no digital skill is required, for the effects literally work themselves, yet there is none of the usual tedious dealing and counting associated with such tricks. First, there is a complete card act of six splendidly routined miracles:

CAN'T SEE (A complete Card Act): A pack of cards is shuffled and cut by a spectator, and the performer is genuinely blindfolded with bandages, dough or what you will. Then, using only the sensitivity of his fingertips, he quickly deals the cards, laying aside all the picture cards in a face-up heap. Remember, the cards have been shuffled, and he is genuinely blindfolded. Next, he takes the picture cards and quickly deals them into four piles, each pile containing the Jack, Queen and King of the same suit. Taking up the remainder of the pack, he runs through them and places a face-down card on each pile of picture cards. These are turned face up and prove to be the four Aces. Then, dealing the remainder of the pack into two heaps, he turns over the two piles. One contains all red cards, the other all black. With the two packets of cards on the table, he asks for any card to be called, and immediately cuts the appropriate packet to show the card asked for. This is repeated several times, and the pack is then assembled and shuffled. Finally, taking off his blindfold, he offers to allow a spectator to repeat the feat of separating reds and blacks, without seeing them, from the newly shuffled pack, and the routine is concluded with Paul Curry's famous "Out of This World."

This routine alone is worth the price of the ebook, but for good measure, there are seven more fine effects:


And finally, there is SWITCH IT: two very fine effects that start off with an ordinary pack of cards, baffle the audience and leave the performer with a stacked pack, for whatever is to follow. Undoubtedly a wonderful book!

1st edition 1951, PDF 37 pages.
word count: 9546 which is equivalent to 38 standard pages of text