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Card Party by J. G. Thompson Jr. & Ned Rutledge

Excellent work filled with strong card routines. Explanations are detailed and supported by photo illustrations. From the preface by Ned Rutdlege:

Jim and I have complementary minds. An idea from one of us sets up echoes in the brain of the other. Jim has a fantastic grasp of magical literature, and a high intelligence that puts his knowledge to work. The methods he comes up with are often unusual and always interesting. For me, they start wheels turning. I take the method, or nucleus of method, and begin re-shaping it for entertainment value...then I lay it in the laps of a live audience.

This book is about cards ... another we've written is about mind-reading. You won't have to share the work that went into them. But we hope you'll share the pleasure.

  • Preface
  • I'm An X-Ray!
  • In Your Hands
  • Jogistics
    • Jog-Peek
    • Jog Holdout And Location
  • Smoker At Poker
  • Beyond Belief
  • How? How? How?
  • Puppy Love
    • Single Barrel
    • Double Barrel
  • Thompson Glide Force
    • Basic Glide Force
    • Squaring With The Left Hand
    • End Spread Glide Force
    • Multiple Glide Force
  • Kleen-Kut
  • Photo-Jean-Ic Vibrations
  • Contact!
  • Keeper Of The Key
  • Challenge!
  • Red Herring
  • Ah And D-Senders
  • The Hindu Run
  • Ham Sandwich
  • Rutledge Palm-Cut
    • Palm-Holdout
    • Deck-Toss Replacement
    • Pick-Up Replacement
  • Rutledge Bottom Slip
  • The Ghostly Trio
  • Bareface Cull
  • Double Crossin' Poker Deal
    • Dirty Dealing
    • Sneaky Stacking
    • Royal Robbery
  • How's That Again, Mr. Hoyle?
  • Whammo!
  • The Day The Martians Came
  • Harvey
  • Am I Blue?
  • Message From Garcia ... And Thompson! And Rutledge!
    • Pink-Oh!
  • Something For Card Men For Card Men
    • The Master Move
    • Turnover Herrmann Pass
    • Flippers
    • Keys To Delight
  • Double Lift Improvement
  • It Can't Be!
  • The Science Professor

1st edition 1965, 70 pages, 1st digital edition 2018, 68 pages.
word count: 29456 which is equivalent to 117 standard pages of text