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The Miracle Makers
by J. G. Thompson Jr.


(1 review, 3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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The Miracle Makers by J. G. Thompson Jr.

From the back cover by Karl Fulves:

The Thompson name having been associated with quality magic for the past fifty years, the reader of this new book will need no recommendation as to the value of the material. It contains all of the Thompson trademarks; new ideas, subtle approaches, smoothly routined magic, impeccably researched articles, inscrutable titles, excellent patter and presentation suggestions. All of this is well known and indeed synonymous with the Thompson name. There is another facet to the material in this book which may not be readily apparent however, and it is this which I'd like to emphasize.

On purchasing this book it is safe to assume the reader will not have seen many of the routines previously performed because Jim Thompson does not seek the spotlight and performs magic rarely. Added to this is the fact that Mr. Thompson is a modest man who does not tout every trick as the greatest feat since the dawn of civilization. The end result is that the reader may have little to guide him as he navigates through the following pages.

It is therefore wise to point out that the Thompson approach produces startling visual magic of a kind that will have audiences talking to themselves. Further, this impressive brand of chicanery is accomplished without involved sleights, complex mechanisms, logarithms or highly specialized performing conditions.

In the following pages you will find a potpourri of fine magic, something for everyone, all of it a delight to read, analyze and perform.

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Section I
    • A-See-Du-See
    • The Shadow Nose
    • The Aces' Dozen
    • The Mk Turning Aces
    • Those Gemini Boys - A And B
    • Miss Match?
    • Think
    • Saga Of Old "Red" Baloo
    • Way Out Fission
    • Dotternot
    • Double Discovery
    • They Really Do, Daisies, i.e.
    • Well ... Not Really
    • Head 'Em Off At The Pass
    • Bottoms Down
    • Dom Slick, Wot?
    • Deck-A-Rated
    • The Cards And Pellets
    • Unenfolded
    • Finger Tips
    • Half Wet
    • Budd-Ha-Ha Papers
    • Infinitesimal Card Trick
    • Moo-La-La
    • Half Desilvered
    • The Wonderful Ones
    • Half Back
    • Haf-To-Go
    • Ultra Blast
    • Care And Feeding Of Truck Coins
    • Skoal!
    • Down In Front
    • Thompson Turnover Toss
    • Outside In
    • Case Number 1
    • The Magna Coin Box
    • The Magna Coin Box - An Appendix
    • Quarter Session
    • Lightweight Champ
    • 27 Senserama
    • The Other Side
    • A Gilhoolie
    • Felt Fine
    • In My Cups
    • A Presentation For Bell Of Bombay
    • Hip Bones
    • A Small Tribute
    • Mental Block, Buster
    • Tiplets
    • The Difference Between A Begonia And A Double Begonia
    • TV Or Not TV
    • Die Trying
    • Presence Of Mind
    • Magic Hip
    • Transparent Thoughts
    • Once Over Lightly
    • Two Edded
    • The Spirit Ring
    • An Eye For A Camel
    • Shellis
    • Some Reel Magic With William
    • Terrific Traffic Checker
    • Rupert, The Rambling Robot
    • Cuttin' Up
    • Bizy Piz
    • And You Too
    • R. I. P.
    • The Golden Fleece
  • Section II Mental Echo
    • Mental Echo Prologue
    • Patter For The "Brain Echo" Presentation
  • Section III Footprints
    • An Unexpected Visitor Vanishes
    • Before The Presses Roll!
    • The Enchanted Crystal Casket
    • Presto
    • Moonlight Madness
    • In Conclusion

1st edition 1975, 306 pages; PDF 258 pages.
word count: 83887 which is equivalent to 335 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Robert Farmer
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 30 December, 2018

The chapter on gaffed decks is worth the price of the book.