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Card Tricks and how to do them
by August Roterberg

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Card Tricks and how to do them by August Roterberg

Here is a historical ad from the Charles T. Powner Co. in Chicago: "This book gives, with careful and easy instructions, the newest card tricks and sleight-of-hand yet offered to professionals and amateurs. Not only does this book contain all of the new tricks, but nearly every one known is fully explained and exposed by explicit directions and carefully prepared illustrations. 160 pages, 80 fine illustrations. Price Postpaid $0.50"

I cannot offer this book at $0.50 as originally sold in 1902, but our prices are almost as good as 100 years ago prices. This book is the small version of Roterberg's famous New Era Card Tricks which we know Erdnase read and used partly for his Expert at the Card Table.

1st edition, 1902, Charles T. Powner & Co., Chicago; 159 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. Sleights
  3. The Double Handed Pass
  4. Herrmann Pass
  5. Charlier Pass
  6. The Force
  7. Changes
  8. The Top Change
  9. The Bottom Change
  10. The New Top Change
  11. Mexican Turnover
  12. Excelsior Change
  13. The Color Change
  14. Card Palming
  15. Card Sleights
  16. The New Glimpse
  17. The Bridge
  18. Prearranged Pack
  19. The Glide
  20. Revolution
  21. False Shuffles
  22. The Cut
  23. Penetration of Matter
  24. Magic Versus Mnemonics
  25. Queen of the Air
  26. Card Caught on Plate
  27. Second Sight
  28. The Attached Card
  29. Cards Shot Against a Hat
  30. War in Peace
  31. Thought Reading
  32. Mysterious Change
  33. Handkerchief Trick
  34. Itinerant Card
  35. Card in the Pocket
  36. Gravity Defied
  37. Demon Envelope
  38. The Ubiquitous Card
  39. Four Cards Caught at Finger Tips
  40. Cards, Coins and Glass
  41. The Halved Cut
  42. The Phoenix
  43. Lost Ace
  44. Thought Foretold
  45. Pierced Card
  46. Card Box
  47. Card Box, Mechanical
  48. The New Brass Card Box
  49. Vanishing Cards
  50. X Rays
  51. Balanced Card
  52. The Card Servante
  53. Rapid Transit
  54. Conjurer's Prediction
  55. Card Frames
  56. The Cards and Mirror
  57. Singular Transposition
  58. Vice Versa
  59. Mystic Divination
  60. Advertisements

word count: 27813 which is equivalent to 111 standard pages of text