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Magic by Ellis Stanyon

A great little book from a great author. It is similar in style to the Hoffmann trilogy, though not as exhaustive. It covers the spectrum from little table tricks to grand illusions.

1st edition, 1901, Penn Publishing Company; 244 pages.

  1. Preface
  2. I. Introduction
    1. The Dress
    2. The Table
    3. The Servante
    4. The Wand
    5. Concluding Observations
  3. II. Principles of Sleight of Hand Applicable to Small Objects
    1. Palming
    2. Le Tourniquet
    3. The Finger Palm
    4. To Change a Coin
  4. III. Tricks with Coins
    1. Magical Production of a Coin
    2. A New Coin Fold
    3. Coin and Candle
    4. The Invisible Flight
    5. Vanish for Duplicate
    6. To Pass a Coin Through the Body
    7. Swallowing Illusions
    8. Coin and Lemons
    9. The Pocket Vanish
    10. To Pass a Coin into an Ordinary Matchbox held by One of the Spectators
    11. Coin, Wine-Glass, and Paper Cone
    12. Coins, Hat, and Plate
    13. To Vanish a Marked Coin From a Tumbler and Cause it to Appear in a Small Box, Wrapped in Paper, in the Centre of a Large Ball of Wool
    14. To Vanish a Number of Coins from a Plate in a Sheet of Flame
    15. Programme and Coin
    16. Filtrated Coin
    17. The Penetrating Coin
    18. Coin in the Bottle
  5. IV. Tricks with Handkerchiefs
    1. Peregrinations of a Handkerchief
    2. Handkerchief and Candle
    3. To Vanish a Handkerchief and Produce it from your Collar
    4. To Pass a Handkerchief into the Pocket of a Spectator
    5. To Fire a Handkerchief into a Gentleman's Hair
    6. The Handkerchief Cabinet
    7. The Handkerchief Vanisher
    8. Magical Production of Handkerchiefs
    9. Color-changing Handkerchiefs
    10. Mechanical "Pull" for Vanishing a Handkerchief
    11. The Flying Handkerchief
    12. Brass Tube to Produce, Vanish, or Change a Handkerchief
    13. Disappearing Handkerchief
    14. Handkerchief from Tissue Paper
    15. The New Cylinders and Handkerchief Trick
    16. The Handkerchief Burned and Restored
  6. V. Tricks with Balls
    1. Creation, Manipulation, Multiplication, and Annihilation of Billiard Balls
    2. Creation
    3. Manipulation
    4. Multiplication
    5. Annihilation
    6. Billiard Balls and Basins
    7. Color-Changing Billiard Balls
    8. The Change to White
    9. The Change to Black
    10. The Diminishing Billiard Balls
    11. The Handkerchief Ball
    12. The Dissolving Billiard Ball
    13. Fancy Sleight with a Small Ball
    14. Rouge et Noir
    15. Ball, Handkerchief, and Tumbler
  7. VI. Hat Tricks
    1. Loading
    2. The Magnetized Hat
    3. To Produce a Number of Eggs from a Hat held Crown upward
  8. VII. Anti-Spiritualistic Tricks
    1. The Climbing Ring
    2. The Mysterious Name
    3. A New Postal Trick
    4. New Slate Tricks
    5. The Spirit Handkerchief
    6. The Mysterious Communication
    7. The Great Dictionary Trick (New Method)
    8. Long-Distance Second Sight
  9. VIII. After Dinner Tricks
    1. The Chinese Cross
    2. The Floating Metal Disc
    3. The Balanced Coins
    4. Mutilated Cigarette Paper
    5. To Read the Whole of the Cards in a Pack just Shuffled (New Method)
    6. Balancing Feats
    7. Walnut Shells and Pea
    8. The Restored Cut
    9. The Garter Trick
  10. IX. Miscellaneous Tricks
    1. Flash Paper
    2. A New Fire Flash
    3. Conjurer's Ammunition
    4. Smoke from Two Empty Pipes
    5. Fire-eating Trick
    6. Exploding Soap-bubbles
    7. The Tube and Ball
    8. The Ubiquitous Thimble
    9. The Mysterious Tambourine
    10. The Bran and Dove Plates
    11. The Wandering Stout
    12. A Crystal Water Mystery
    13. The Wizard's Breakfast
    14. The Hydrostatic Tube
    15. The Hydrostatic Tumbler
    16. Paper Cone, Watch, Rabbit, and Boxes
    17. The Magical Production of Flowers
    18. Magic Incubation
    19. The Wizard's Omelet
    20. The Wonderful Production of Ribbons at the Finger-Tips
    21. Japanese Bird Vanish
    22. New Fire Trick
    23. The Ring on the Wand
    24. Disappearing Glass of Water
    25. Anti-Gravity Wand
  11. X. Stage Tricks
    1. Aerial Suspension
    2. New Vanishing Performer Illusion
    3. The Blue Room
    4. Levitation
    5. The Saratoga Trunk Mystery
  12. XI. Shadowgraphy

word count: 43789 which is equivalent to 175 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Don Jarrard (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 19 August, 2022

The levitation where you really walk all around the lady and really pass a solid hoop around her is worth a whole lot more than $3. I would never think of that. The other stuff is okay. At least 1 trick I could really use. Need a curtain and a rolling cart. That is all I can say without revealing too much. Oh yeah. 2 chairs and wooden board. I recommend this book a lot.