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Clever Rings: ancient rings series
by Ken Muller

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Clever Rings: ancient rings series by Ken Muller

A prelude mode presentation for close-up or parlor using only three rings. The storyline is Irish lore and the importance of the Glover related to the elements of being, luck and magic. Unique link/unlinks from a clover display only but two-ring effects can be added. Employs reverse rings, gapless, webring, fan pattern techniques, sway methods and a holy grail finale. Here alternative final phase sequences are also provided for “less than optimum” conditions. All rings are handed out with some m-powerment and links in spectator hands. Requires a jacket or Z-packet and waistful techniques for unique switch/swap sleights. You need a 4-ring set plus a matching single or an 8-ring set. A cord is used for binding and misdirection, but ring on rope effects are optional. Extensive live audience engagement experience is a must. Uses the CeltCard in an instructional manner. Uses a provided CeltCard as a visual aid.

Sequential graphic photos are provided with extensive and interactive descriptions of new moves, sleights and stratagems, plus an appendix of support material. All proceeds go to support the woodHenge wildlife sanctuary.

1st edition 2024, PDF 58 pages.
word count: 24588 which is equivalent to 98 standard pages of text