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Collins Pentz

(Faribault, Minnesota: January 27th, 1877 - February 8th, 1956)

Full name was Collins Rice Pentz. Pentz became interested in the idea of inventing magic effects in 1894 after seeing Herrmann the Great perform his "Magic, Mirth, and Mystery" show at the Grand Theater in Minneapolis. Pentz started a mail-order business in 1896 and moved to Minneapolis in 1901 to start the Eagle Magic Factory and organize the Better Magic Club. It was the first magic shop in Minneapolis. He has been called Minnesota's "First Son of Magic."

He was editor of The Eagle Magician, P. A. L. M. (Pentz's Active League of Magicians) that ran for two issues from May 1919 to June 1919, Better Magic News (1920), The Truth About Magic.

He started the "Mystic 13" club in 1932, which held its first convention the following year with Howard Thurston as the featured entertainer. After membership in the club dwindled, Pentz formed the Quicker Than The Eye Magic Club, in which members promised to refrain from drinking alcohol so their hands would remain "quicker than the eye."

After his death, Eagle Magic was taken over by his longtime employee, Doris Davids, who had begun working there as a sales clerk in 1930.

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Collins Pentz
Modern Vaudeville Patter by Collins Pentz

Excerpt from the preface:

Many magicians have told me they would like to obtain a good book on patter, that would fit some of the more modern tricks, and patter that could be used for various tricks.

Feeling that such a book would have a big sale and wishing to accommodate these seekers after original patter, which could be made use of while presenting some of the very latest tricks, I have taken upon myself the task of producing this handy vest pocket volume and trust it may be of much value in improving the acts of many magicians.

Although you may not care to use it word for word...

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Collins Pentz
Stage Tricks Illusions and Escapes by Collins Pentz

From the preface:

To nearly every present day magician all these tricks will be new, as it was fifteen to twenty years ago that they appeared in The Eagle Magician. These tricks have been carefully selected from nearly six volumes of this valuable little magazine and accurately revised and condensed to fill this valuable book. But few of the old-timers and collectors have any of these magazines, so to the present day magi's they will be an invaluable addition to their act.

In the old days smokers used to roll their own. Today many magicians like to make their own; "Magic Tricks", To fill...

★★★★★ $5
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)