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Complete Torn and Restored Card Ebook
by Stephen Tucker


(4 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Complete Torn and Restored Card Ebook by Stephen Tucker

Way back in 1984 Stephen published a strange looking booklet on the 'Torn and Restored Card' effect called The Torn and Restored Card Book. Three routines formed the content, but the most striking thing about the publication was that the booklet was actually torn in half!

It was still a complete piece of work, but the appearance was that of half a book. It soon sold out, probably due to its novelty value. It was updated and re-printed in 1986 with additional material.

Around that time Stephen's good friend David Britland published a solution to a card-problem of his in his Tearing A Lady in Two manuscript. However, it did not fully address the criteria that Stephen had set down in his original problem, which was to perform Roy Walton's Card-Warp routine, tear through the nested duo then restore the previously 'warped' card. Stephens 'Warp Factor Two, a Card Trek' routine, found within this ebook, finally brought this dream to fruition.

Stephen had some pretty weird ideas back in the 1980s (not all to do with magic), and over the following two decades his arsenal of torn and restored effects increased, hence this publication, which contains the original material plus these additional ideas.

This entire opus, of nine routines plus various further thoughts and ideas, has now been completely updated and set into PDF format. It is copiously illustrated throughout

1st edition 1984; 2nd edition 2006; 17 pages.

  1. PROLOGUE - A brief history of a ripping time!
  2. R.I.P. - A version of J. C. Wagner's 'Torn and Restored Card' from 7 Secrets.
  3. TRANSPO - A quarter card and a three-quarter card transpose.
  4. RIPCARD - A card is torn into four pieces then... COMPLETELY restored.
  5. R.I.P: 2 - A partial T&R card routine reveals two selected cards!
  6. QUARTERLESS - A version of TRANSPO that is 100% impromptu!
  7. QUARTERMASTER - A bizarre T&R card routine using a new principle!
  8. WARPFACTOR TWO, A CARD TREK - You perform CARD WARP, tear everything down the middle then restore the warped card!
  9. TORN AND ALMOST RESTORED CARD - You have someone select a card, then ask that THEY tears it into four pieces. You now restore three of the pieces and... the fourth fits the jig-saw perfectly!
  10. MY PREFERRED ROUTINE - My version of Paul Harris's Ultimate Rip-off!
  11. PRESENTATIONAL THEMES - Various unusual presentational ideas.
  12. EPILOGUE - A few final comments and thoughts.

word count: 6521 which is equivalent to 26 standard pages of text