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by Doug Conn


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Conn-juring by Doug Conn

Conn-juring contains professional magic developed for the real world. 42 pages, photo Illustrated.


Flush Brush 2.1 Painting the Royal Flushes.

After-Afterburn A flaming biz-card production.

Joints 3 coin vanish / recovery.

Coin Spectacle Elbow, Knee & Neck... w/ repeat!

Plausible Presentations An essay.

One Conn's one coin flurry and thoughts on the subject.

Rab-bit (sponge) vanishes & reappears on a speks shoulder.

This Little Pinky A dissertation on the pinky count (3 routines.)

Dante's Sandwich A synergystic sandwich sequence; Elmsley's "Point of Departure" meets "The Mystery Card."

As the World (re) Turns Curry's classic revisited; The deck is shuffled by a spectator, divided in thirds & three people partake in this wonderful experience.

On the Yates Divination A plethora of presentation ideas for this underdeveloped concept.
word count: 14658 which is equivalent to 58 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Brian Chan
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 14 June, 2007

I have read quite a few trick from this book, but only PERFORMED Joints, so I will only comment this one alone. I have tried it out in the real world, in front of many different groups of people and frankly, this trick was really well recieve by my audiences (both layman and magicians). It can be done at an impromptu situation, you can borrow the coins from your audience if you wish. The routine was really well thought of and Mr. Conn also provide some nice subtleties to enhance the effect (USE THEM, it's quite important). There are no suspicious moves, as I said it was really well thought out, everything flows in this routine. If you want to get into a nice Elbow, Knee and Neck effect, this is a great one to learn from. If you are a member the of the magic cafe, you can also look up reviews for this book.

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