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(Contact)Less is More ACAAN
by Joseph B. & Biagio Fasano


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(Contact)Less is More ACAAN by Joseph B. & Biagio Fasano

An incredible A.C.A.A.N. effect completely in the hands of the spectator.

The title of this eBook contains the acronym for "Any Card At Any Number," and in fact the new version explained here, incredibly automatic and completely hands-off, of this famous card magic and mentalism effect, is capable of surprising even many magicians (we can say this with full knowledge of the facts, having personally tested it in magic circles) and guaranteeing a "devastating" impact on the audience.

After introducing and quickly showing a normal deck of cards, the magician shuffles, and cuts, then places it on the table and asks a spectator to cut it in turn into 4 piles turned alternately face-up and face-down. He explains that the values of the cards at the top of each of the four piles will get a totally random sum total, covering any number up to 52, which corresponds to the number of cards in the deck (it would suffice if they were the 4 Kings since each is assigned the value 13, 12 to the Queen and 11 to the Jacks...).

However so that no one could think he is influencing the experiment having already been able to see the values of two of the cards, the illusionist asks the spectator to turn over each of the four stacks, so that he gets 4 totally random cards, determined by those now on top of each (two will be face-down and two face-up).

He then invites him to reassemble the two stacks on the left and the two stacks on the right, shuffling them both, and choose a card from one of them, to disperse immediately afterward in the deck that will be reassembled and cut by the spectator himself.

Then turning over the two remaining cards still face down and obtaining a number from the sum of the values of those four cards, the spectator will start counting from the top of the deck, and miraculously will thus find the chosen card exactly at that point.

Everything happens in the hands of the spectator, but the success of the effect will truly amaze even magicians!

1st edition 2023, PDF 9 pages + video 9:49.
word count: 3062 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Davide Rubat Remond (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 10 December, 2023

I wanted to purchase this work by my friend Biagio and Joseph for the mystery that is created during the execution of the effect. The ACAAN is once again masterfully addressed by the two authors, great experts on the topic. The spectator lives an incredible experience, finding the chosen card also surprises the illusionist during his tests. Excellent use of the free cut principle.

Reviewed by Darren Purshall
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 19 November, 2023

A great almost self-working ACCAN that can be performed in the hands of the spectator with devastating results. The thinking and method behind this routine leaves no stone unturned. Well done Biagio and Joseph, two of my favourite card trick creators. What a team! Don’t delay downloading this well-explained tutorial today, ready to fool friends and family. A great idea for entertaining over the Christmas period. Trinity

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