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by Jesse Demaline

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Demagic by Jesse Demaline

The story of the late Jesse Demaline and 65 years in magic. Apart from his interesting life story there are lots of his effects: Mental Magic 21 items, Children's Magic 21 items, Close Up Magic 23 items, Miscellaneous Magic 26 items. This ebook received great reviews from Terry Seabrooke and The Magic Circular when it was first published.


  • The Act
  • Card Mentalism
  • The Handkerchief Test
  • The Jay Dem Book Test
  • Card Transition
  • Psychic Visions
  • Absolutely Silent Card Mentalism
  • Designs
  • One In Fifty-Two
  • Animal Magnetism
  • Jay-Dem Mentalism (Using a Dictionary)
  • Pools Win
  • A Good Party Stunt
  • Lexiletter Power
  • Pegorama Patterns
  • A Clever Young Lady
  • Mother Shipton Says
  • Dead Pins
  • Add 'Em
  • I'll Match You
  • Lunching With A Celebrity
  • The Programme
  • The Opener
  • The Ghostly Hand
  • Washday Miracle—My Poor Shirt
  • Ringing The Changes
  • Tommy's Tie (or Freddy's Tie)
  • Arpack And Coloured Silk
  • Vanishing Cream
  • Pedro—A Birthday Routine
  • Uncle Cannot Hear
  • Secret Service or Sherlock Holmes Wins Again
  • Fish and Chips
  • Invisible Silk Dyeing
  • Hoppity Hop
  • Sit Him Down
  • Business for Magic Washing
  • Disguising A Load
  • The O Sing Lee Papers
  • The 5p Teafingers or Coin In Two Oranges In Succession
  • Self-Contained Photo or Picture Frame
  • The Rainbow Chalks Of The Wizard Of Oz
  • Quickfit Jigsaw
  • Poor Uncle Joe
  • The Gambler Wins The Pools
  • Curing Gamblers
    1. The Same To You
    2. The Four Ace Routine
    3. Miraculous Transit Of Cards
  • It's Different or Mentalism With A Difference
  • Two Tumbler Suspension
  • A Bad Egg
  • Where The Money Goes
  • Coin Collector's Wallet
  • Cut and Restored Ribbon
  • Polo Mints And String
  • My Astral Name
  • Visible Go-Cum Card Rise
  • Shrunken Head Finds The Card
  • Crooked Dice
  • Kunard Coin Updated
  • The War-Dem Prediction
  • Escaped!
  • All's Fair Envelope Switch
  • Sharpshooter's Third Bullseye
  • Two Failures—One Success
  • Trick For A Wise Guy
  • Sympathetic Cards From Pocket
  • Jumbo Card Coincidence
  • Grandma's Tea Pot
  • Jay Dem Gypsy Thread
  • Coin And Coathanger From Purse
  • Just Sauce (A Continuity Gag)
  • A Silk Vanishing Gimmick
  • No Fuss, Do As I Do
  • A Rising Card Idea
  • Jay Dem Cigarette Changer For Card Or Note In Cigarette
  • Reversed Card Between Glasses
  • Big (Or Large) Card And Small One
  • Two Gags To Use With Cards—Slated
  • The Two Clubs
  • Spectator's Card From Pocket
  • Figure Force
  • Sure Fire Forcing Card Stand
  • 'Snooper Snooped' Routine
  • Zombie Die
  • Fairest Aces
  • 'Is That Worth A Medal'
  • Jes Dem Card In Balloon
  • Milk After 'Fetsch'
  • Super Spill Preventor
  • Comedy Wine And Water
  • Quickset Table

1st edition 1990, 1st digital edition 2013, 130 pages.
word count: 76534 which is equivalent to 306 standard pages of text