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by Toni Koynini


(2 reviews, 2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Derby by Toni Koynini

A "Horse Race" in which you always win under impossible conditions.

The aces represent horses and the performer and three spectators run an exciting race, moving their horses on the “course” as indicated by a fourth spectator dealing the cards. The performer always wins and the effect can be repeated as many times as desired, with the same result every time.

  • An ordinary pack of cards
  • No sleight of hand
  • The spectators shuffle the cards before the race is run
  • Spectators freely select their own “horses” the performer taking the one that is left
  • No switching – no special cards – no skill required
  • A real gem!

Excerpt from the introduction:

Here is a close-quarter card trick that has everything that one could desire. There is audience participation—the spectators take part in the race. There is mystery—for it seems impossible that the performer should win every time, even though the cards are shuffled and dealt by the spectators themselves. There is entertainment in the very nature of the routine, and there is excitement as the race runs its course, culminating with the laugh at the finish as the performer wins and collects the cash.

The method is simplicity itself, yet clever and subtle, and the performer has practically nothing to do so that he can devote his whole attention to the presentation and commentary on the race. I know you will like and use this effect; that is why I am publishing it.

1st edition 1952; PDF 9 pages.
word count: 1382 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Kevin Bryan (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 18 October, 2023

Nice effect but does require a secret setup.

Reviewed by Richard Southall (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 13 October, 2023

This is such a good trick. It's almost totally hands off, with a huge level of audience participation possible. While I have enjoyed performing it for a single spectator and received great reactions this is even better when you have three or more spectators assisting. The way it is described it requires quite a bit of table surface but I have drawn the race course on a page of a notebook for close-up performances and you could use material and velcro and perform it on stage. This could also fit in very nicely in a bunco routine or any gambling routine. I don't normally write reviews but I felt I had to review this versatile gem of a trick. I am not familiar with Toni Koynini or whether they have produced any other ticks but I can't wait to see what else they can come up with!