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by David Devlin


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Die-Lemma by David Devlin

David Devlin has come up with a very whimsical and clever effect that is simple to do and a blast to perform. This effect uses dice that are printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company. These are not normal dice. These dice have card suits and card values printed on them. They are called Poker Dice. These are readily available any place that games are sold and are very inexpensive. This is a great trick for use in walk around and restaurant performing.

Here is the effect: The performer brings out a deck and casually gives it a few cuts. A spectator gives the deck a cut but does not complete it. The performer then displays five dice with card values and suits printed on them. He gives the dice to the spectator and has them roll the dice out on to the table. She does so, and whatever is most predominant is what is kept. For example, if three Spades, one king, and one Heart are rolled, then the Spades are kept to represent the suit. The remaining dice are then re-rolled to decide on a value. Let us suppose that a King and a Jack are rolled. In this case, the spectator now has the choice of either value. Let's say she picks the King. The "rolled card" is the King of Spades. The deck is shown to have been cut at the King of Spades!

[Note that these dice may not be that easily available. In particular you need dice with two suits only. The more common variety has three suits. You may have to look around for second hand sets.]

1st edition 2016, 5 pages.
word count: 1360 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text