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Direct Line to Magicville
by Gregg Webb

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Direct Line to Magicville by Gregg Webb

The format follows Gregg's established style of illustrations and hand-lettered text. The material is classic Gregg Webb.

From the introduction:

People always ask me, "Where do you get those wacky ideas?". I'm finally going to reveal just where they do come from. It turns out that there is a whole town where future magic is invented. They are way ahead of us. It is called Magicville and it exists in a parallel dimension as it were. And it just so happens, I invented a phone with which I can call Magicville directly! It is a direct line to Magicville! In Chapter 1 I'll show and tell how to build your very own.

  • Area Code 1: Building your "Inter-Dimensional" T. Phone.
  • Area Code 2: Paul Gertner: What a guy!
  • Area Code 3: "4 Cheeks South"
  • Area Code 4: Lose the Shotglass
  • Area Code 5: D.F. Monte
  • Area Code 6: Tough with Just 1
  • Area Code 7: Mahjong Tiles Magic
  • Area Code 8: More Than 1 Coin
  • Area Code 9: With the "Odd Coin" on the Table
  • Area Code 10: Poker in Plain View
  • Area Code 11: Ouija
  • Area Code 12: B. Ball Work (B. Ball and Silk)
  • Area Code 13: B. Ball with Shell

1st edition 2018, 47 pages.
word count: 336 which is equivalent to 1 standard pages of text