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by Michael Daniels


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Divinorum by Michael Daniels

In Divinorum (first published 2011) Michael combined a new mathematical principle with known techniques to come up with something astonishing. This latest 'Reloaded and Ready' edition has been fully revised and expanded to add a brilliant new method for 4- and 5-item sets (discovered by Biagio Fasano and included with his permission). A training app (runs in your web browser) is also included which will significantly aid learning and practice of the methods taught.

"Kudos to Michael for bringing something this good to the magic community ... Diabolic and truly amazing ... pure killer magic!" - Doug Canning


Three, four or five different items (cards or counters) are tabled. While the mentalist looks away, the spectator makes an unknown number of moves, freely mixing and turning over the items. The spectator can stop at any time when there are just two items face up. She then completely covers these with her left and right hands. The mentalist turns back and, using a pendulum or other means, correctly identifies each of the covered items.

  • Plausible plot.
  • Effect can be repeated immediately.
  • Clever and deceptive mathematical principles.
  • No complex memory work or difficult calculations.
  • No fishing, equivoque or multiple outs - you know exactly which item is under each hand.
  • Principles can be adapted for other effects and presentations.
  • Includes a free bonus effect - learn how to demonstrate your psychic ability in an online ESP test.

2nd edition 2011; "Reloaded" edition, 2016, 27 pages; "Reloaded and Ready" edition, 2019, 39 pages.
word count: 8614 which is equivalent to 34 standard pages of text

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