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Speed Dating
by Michael Daniels


(1 review, 6 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Speed Dating by Michael Daniels
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"ingenious ... innovative ... Probably the best thing about Michael Daniels' Speed Dating eBook is the completeness. If you've thought about learning this feat, you can learn everything you need to know from this book." - Grey Matters: Blog (Scott Cram)

Speed Dating is a refinement to Day for Any Date calculation that Michael Daniels has developed over the last thirty years, and which incorporates some new shortcuts to the mnemonic methods previously published by Bernard Zufall, Harry Lorayne, Will Dexter, and Tony Corinda. It does take quite a bit of initial training but, when mastered, it is very quick and easy to do.

The Speed Dating eBook also comes with a browser application to help with learning and practice.

Using the Speed Dating system, the mentalist is able to quickly name the day of the week for any given date from 1600 to 2099. With practice, this can be done consistently in less than FIVE seconds, making this ideal for professional and amateur performers alike.

  • Easy calculations.
  • Uses mnemonic shortcuts which are fully described.
  • Simple counting technique that makes determination of the day fast and effortless.
  • No props, cribs or gimmicks needed.
  • Intermediate level mentalism - Requires about two weeks' learning and practice in order to perfect. A suggested learning schedule is included.
  • Includes a browser application that enables you to practice and test your accuracy and speed (Internet connection not required).

    This ebook is also available in a combo deal with Kalenda.

    3rd Edition February 2013; 21 pages + training software (1st Edition published September 2011)

  • Reviewed by Ethan Pitt (confirmed purchase)
    ★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 29 November, 2023

    Honestly the best and fastest method out there, quite a bit to learn, but once learnt, gold. I made up my own memory pegs which I encourage, but all in all this is fabulous.