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Donald Holmes

Donald Holmes

(23rd September 1879 - 30th December 1958)

Born in Albion, Michigan. Pro name of Donald H. Alsdorf. Pro mail-order dealer ("Donald Holmes") in Texas in 1909, later in Kansas City, where he issued catalogs by 1916 (#3) to at least 1930 (#19) and, as house organs, Holmes' Trade Sheet 1916 (4 issues) and Holmes' Magical Notes and Comments 1917-20 (39 issues).

Wrote Some Modern Conjuring (1909, viii+78pp), New Card Tricks (39pp), Tricks with Prepared Cards (32pp), and The Magic Art (1920, 234pp). This last volume was announced as the first in a complete course in magic; but no further volumes appeared.

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Donald Holmes
Supplementary Catalogue of New Conjuring Tricks 1916 by Donald Holmes

This catalog includes some error corrections for the prior catalog, advertises Holmes' Conjuring Serial No. 4 A Mind Reading Act, and then it describes items No. 400 to No. 481.

1st edition 1916, 36 pages.

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Donald Holmes
Donald Holmes Catalog 6 by Donald Holmes

Donald Holmes was a magic dealer and author from Kansas City, Missouri. This is a very nice illustrated supplementary catalog starting at item number 601 all the way to 664.

1st edition 1924, 36 pages.

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Donald Holmes
Some Modern Conjuring by Donald Holmes
  • Introduction
  • The Watch, Handkerchief, And Bran
  • The Egg And Handkerchief
  • The Flying Glass, Watch, And Flag
  • The Lamp-Chimney Color Change
  • The Twentieth Century Trick
  • Quadruple Flag And Handkerchief Trick
  • The Phantom Handkerchiefs
  • The Wedding Ring Trick
  • Invisible Flight Of Handkerchiefs
  • Another "Invisible Flight"
  • The Latest Handkerchief "Flight"
  • Handkerchief And Paper Tube
  • "Primary And Compound"
  • A "Changing Tube" Suggestion
  • Handkerchiefs And Flag
  • Loading The Paper Cone
  • Numbered Cards
  • The "Invisible" Charlier Pass
  • The Transformed Handkerchiefs
  • The Flag, Bran, And Orange Trick ...
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Donald Holmes
Tricks with Prepared Cards by Donald Holmes

Here are 19 clever and entertaining card magic miracles that can be performed with prepared cards. Explained are several amazing principles involving prepared cards, with ingenious ideas for their use. Also included, with special permission, are several creations by Ford B. Rogers, which were published in this book for the first time.

Here's what's included:

  • Foreword
  • "Incomprehensibility" (Rogers)
  • The Key Card (Two Methods)
  • Forcing a Card (with the Key Card) A Feat of Apparent Mindreading
  • The "Reversed Card" Principle
  • The Prediction
  • The "Self-Shifting" Pack (Two Methods)
  • The Card...
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Donald Holmes
The Magic Art by Donald Holmes

The Magic Art is a book very much in the style of the Hoffmann books. It describes in particular the tricks invented or used by Mr. Holmes. Tarbell calls this book 'excellent' in the Tarbell Course. Holmes was a prolific author who wrote several other titles as well. In this volume he deals with all kind of props from pill boxes to cards, coins, handkerchiefs, gaffed glasses and the list continues.

Paul Fleming wrote:

In 1920, Donald Holmes announced his intention of writing a series of books which were to form "a complete library on the Art of Magic." Unfortunately, he abandoned the undertaking (for what reason we do not know)...

★★★★★ $4
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Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)