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Tricks with Prepared Cards
by Donald Holmes

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Tricks with Prepared Cards by Donald Holmes

Here are 19 clever and entertaining card magic miracles that can be performed with prepared cards. Explained are several amazing principles involving prepared cards, with ingenious ideas for their use. Also included, with special permission, are several creations by Ford B. Rogers, which were published in this book for the first time.

Here's what's included:

  • Foreword
  • "Incomprehensibility" (Rogers)
  • The Key Card (Two Methods)
  • Forcing a Card (with the Key Card) A Feat of Apparent Mindreading
  • The "Reversed Card" Principle
  • The Prediction
  • The "Self-Shifting" Pack (Two Methods)
  • The Card in Pocket Mystery
  • Selected Cards from Hat
  • Self-Forcing Pack (Three Suggested Uses)
  • "Ever Ready" Forcing Pack (Rogers)
  • Rogers' Rising Cards
  • Rogers' Obedient Card
  • Holmes' "Mystery" Problem
  • Holmes' Four-Ace Trick
  • The "Triangle" Trick (Two Methods)
  • Another "Marvelous Coincidence"
  • A New Chameleon Pack
  • A New X-Ray Trick (Can be examined at the finish)
  • About the Author
"Donald Holmes' new book, 'Tricks with Prepared Cards,' is a valuable addition to the literature of card magic. The tricks explained in this book can be performed by the most unskilled amateur and yet can be made marvellous in the hands of the professional. The 'Triangle' trick and Holmes' '4 Ace Trick' are worth many times the price of the book, to say nothing about the other fourteen tricks and their various combinations." - Sphinx Magazine review

1st edition 1913, PDF 53 pages.
word count: 15381 which is equivalent to 61 standard pages of text