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Double Magic with Cards
by Burling Hull


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Double Magic with Cards by Burling Hull

Card tricks requiring one or more double-facers.

The 18 tricks were supplied by U. F. Grant. Burling Hull writes:

Once in a decade, comes an array of unique and miraculous card mysteries - and introducing revolutionary magical principles in this branch of mystification. Such are the card feats in this book. Many of the experiments have been viewed by American foremost magical critics, and pronounced "Amazingly Ingenious".


This book includes some amazing deceptions with DOUBLE FACE CARDS (cards with faces printed on both sides) which may be introduced into almost any standard pack (and frequently a borrowed one) much more readily than could double back cards—for there is far less difference in the FACES of playing cards which are more or less standard in design than in the BACKS of such cards. The sleight differences are not readily noticed, particularly by one who is not looking for it because the cards in most of these effects are kept IN MOTION while doing the trick. Also in the majority of the feats, only the one card is seen at a given time (as in the reversed experiments) and thus close comparison is impossible.

  • Introduction
  • How To Make Double Face Cards
  • No. 1 A New Card Monte
  • No. 2 A Book Test
  • No. 3 The Changing Card
  • No. 4 Improved Anemann Burned Card
  • No. 5 Spirit Message
  • No. 6 A Transposition
  • No. 7 Rising Card Gag
  • No. 8 Remove Spots
  • No. 9 Chinese Mind Reading
  • No. 10 A Hat And Card Change
  • No. 11 The Funny Deck
  • No. 12 U-Do-As-I-Do
  • No. 13 Odd & Even
  • No. 14 U-Find-It
  • No. 15 The Spotter Card
  • No. 16 Name Spelling
  • No. 17 A Royal Romance
  • No. 18 A Mixup, Corrected

1st edition 1935, 10 pages; PDF 19 pages.
word count: 5633 which is equivalent to 22 standard pages of text