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Double Out Linking Rings: Magic More Series
by Ken Muller

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Double Out Linking Rings: Magic More Series by Ken Muller

This is a performance module as a different way of revealing that the double rings are magically linked, plus a bonus of the Four Choice module.

Double Out is an enhancement strategy that works on several levels of perception and memory:

  • supports the observers ‘knowing’ the four rings are separate,
  • changes the rhythm of the standard display approach,
  • everyone sees you hand two separate rings to the volunteer assistant,
  • the volunteer assistant verifies he has two separate rings,
  • the volunteer assistant handles the rings for several minutes,
  • the volunteer assistant links the two rings together with you far away,
  • other rings are linked in spectator's hands as acquitment,
  • there is a rationale behind each action,
  • the spectators are the heroes.

Two different scripted approaches and storylines allow for planned variety or a flexibility based on audience reaction. Your choice of favorite two-ring effects can be easily married to either script. In a traditional Linking Rings routine, after the four rings are apparently shown to be separate, two of the rings are used in a series of link/unlink actions with the other two rings set aside (double). This method allows for these two rings to be held by a spectator and linked on command. This increases audience engagement while serving as a convincer that the two rings are separate in the beginning. All four rings are in action to support later linking actions/demonstrations.

This works with rings of any size but is best in a parlor or close-up setting. This handling can be done with any ring set, and does not use the special feature of some popular sets like Melero, Lion or LinkingHearts.

This enhancement can work with either a standard set approach or the reverse rings framing. The Four Choice disassembly module is included with sequential step photos as a bonus.

Double Out is an extraction from the 4X4 Rings eBook of the F.U.N. Ring Series, for any performer wishing a complete routine.

1st edition 2022, PDF 44 pages.
word count: 20005 which is equivalent to 80 standard pages of text