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Dr. Edward George Ervin

Dr. Edward George Ervin

Dubuque, Iowa: 18th August 1875 - 7th January 1947

Dentist in Kansas City, Missouri. Amateur magician. Dealer (secretly). Invented Spring Bills (by 1944). Wrote 4 booklets 1937-44, collected as Club Deceptions (1944, 52pp). See Dariel Fitzkee, The Strange Inventions of Dr. Ervin (1937). Tricks in Jinx.

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Dr. Edward George Ervin
Club Deceptions by Dr. Edward George Ervin

A choice collection of smart close-up and pocket tricks of the type for which Dr. Ervin was famous. Originally sold as four separate booklets, these have now been combined into a single, greatly enlarged volume, edited by Ralph W. Read and fully illustrated.

Contains tricks with bills, coins, cigarettes, tobacco, matches, silks, needles, playing cards, ropes, mind reading, livestock, and more. Comedy, straight magic, even a few stunts that will play well as bar betchas. There's plenty of variety to capture and keep any audience's attention.

Our favorites include a very clever Thumb Tie that uses...

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