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Club Deceptions
by Dr. Edward George Ervin

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Club Deceptions by Dr. Edward George Ervin

A choice collection of smart close-up and pocket tricks of the type for which Dr. Ervin was famous. Originally sold as four separate booklets, these have now been combined into a single, greatly enlarged volume, edited by Ralph W. Read and fully illustrated.

Contains tricks with bills, coins, cigarettes, tobacco, matches, silks, needles, playing cards, ropes, mind reading, livestock, and more. Comedy, straight magic, even a few stunts that will play well as bar betchas. There's plenty of variety to capture and keep any audience's attention.

Our favorites include a very clever Thumb Tie that uses electrician's tape, yet doesn't require a gimmick (unlike a stand-alone effect that's been on the market for several years now). Another clever tie uses metal wire and is a natural for daylight séance demonstrations. And what wizard wouldn't appreciate the ability to change the color of a live bunny?

Partial Contents:

  • Cut and Restored Bill
  • Dollar Bill Through Handkerchief
  • Bill and Lemon
  • Impromptu Bill Reading Test
  • "Flash" Bill and Lemon
  • Dollar Bill and Potato
  • Flash Bill Production
  • What the Hell?
  • Wand and Bill Production
  • Repeating Vanishing Bills
  • The Impossible Coin Fold
  • Half Past Two
  • A Goldfish Production
  • One Hand Cigarette Vanish
  • The Eternal Phantom Cigarette
  • What, No Thumb Tips?
  • Hand to Hand Tobacco Acquitment
  • With a Lighted Match
  • The Adhesive Tape Thumb Tie
  • Vanishing Glass of Water
  • Diminutive Wine and Water
  • Silk and Handkerchief Penetration
  • The Stretching Handkerchief
  • J'ever See This One?
  • The Broken Egg in Borrowed Handkerchief
  • Quicker than the Eye
  • Quick Needle Trick
  • The Threaded Needles
  • Old? Never!
  • Ball Penetration
  • The Hypnotized Chair
  • Miniature Rod and Rings
  • Selected Card in Roll or Bun
  • The Knotted Circle
  • A Deceptive Wrist Tie
  • A Deceptive Nail Writer Routine
  • Impromptu Telepathy
  • Reading the Time on a Watch
  • Removing a Shirt
  • Torn and Restored Tissue
  • Rabbit Color Change and Suggested Production
  • A Flashy Encore
    • Here's How--Again
    • Pintrix
    • With a Rolled Silk
    • What, No Pipes?
    • Flighty Silk

"To me, the words 'Ervin' and 'subtle ingenuity' mean one and the same thing." - T. Nelson Downs

"I count 47 items, all of the usual subtle, high quality type that made Dr. Ervin's name world famous." -Dariel Fitzkee

"Many creations of small effects in which the use of subtlety is a dominant factor. Excellent." - J. G. Thompson, Jr.

1st edition 1947, PDF 63 pages.
word count: 14675 which is equivalent to 58 standard pages of text