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Effective Answers to Questions
by Robert A. Nelson

#3 Mentalism & Spiritism author
#3 Comedy Magic author

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Effective Answers to Questions by Robert A. Nelson

A masterpiece in the field of psychic entertainment! A brilliant sequel to Geo. DeLawrence's Answers to Questions.

In this advanced course for mentalists and psychic entertainers, Nelson delves further into the psychology of Q&A work, combining essential showmanship with the psychology of the answers. Teaches the reader how to answer questions, the basic principles of combining effectiveness with answers, how to convince your audience, and to attain a higher percentage of correct answers.


  1. The Introductory Lecture - Its true purpose, what it must convey to the audience, the psychology of a good lecture, the relationship between the lecture and the answers.
  2. Types and Kinds of Questions - Questions classified and analyzed. Which questions to expect and how to treat them. An answer for every question. Why stock answers cannot effectively be used for stage work.
  3. The Psychology of Questions - Why certain questions are asked. How to define, classify and analyze. How audiences expect questions to be answered and how to satisfy this desire.
  4. Selection of Questions - How to arrange questions for a successful demonstration. Types to be eliminated. Humorous situations and comic relief. Catch questions and their treatment. How to answer "impossible" questions. Delicate questions and how to answer them. Sensational answers and their purpose. Arranging questions for a balanced routine.
  5. The Psychology of the Answers - Their double meaning, why certain questions demand certain treatment, Answers that satisfy. Why and how answers should be created. /why questions should be answered according to circumstance. How to create originality and success with questions.
  6. How to Answer questions Effectively - Examples galore. Questions answered minimally - and the same questions answered effectively. The construction of sensational situations. How to get the most out of your answers. Strong answers and their purpose. "Selling" questions with double meaning. Effective answers and their relation to the box office.
  7. Sensational and Humorous Answers - Their purpose, treatment and psychology. With 50 examples of complete answers, any one of which will increase the value of your performance. These answers will create "buzz" and mean more dollars to you. This chapter is worth many times the price of the entire book!
  8. Future Predictions - This chapter includes many worthwhile gems. Learn how to make future-based predictions. What to do and what not to do in order to maximize the publicity obtained through the use of predicting into the future.
  9. Answering Questions on TV, Radio, and in Newspapers - This is pure gold to the working performer who is also performing on the stage. It can also help rocket the career of a budding mentalist by creating a ground swell of interest and demand for the mentalist's answers. Learn how to capitalize on mail-in questions to build a profitable mail-order career.
And a wealth of other information. This ebook is an investment that will pay you financial dividends. No matter how successful you are, it will aid you in being more successful.

1st edition 1963, PDF 84 pages.
word count: 23858 which is equivalent to 95 standard pages of text