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Eight Plus One
by Paul A. Lelekis


(2 reviews, 6 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Eight Plus One by Paul A. Lelekis

Professional magician, Paul A. Lelekis, provides "workers" with another array of eight time-tested effects that he has been performing for many years – PLUS a BONUS routine! Paul broke new ground with this amazing – yet easy to do trick! Complete patter included.

Color photos of Paul's hands explain everything in detail.

A variety of time-tested effects are included that any performer will love to include in his/her repertoire. These are fun, interactive, professional effects that will bring your magic to new levels.

The routines are:

  1. Torn & Restored – A BIG winner with the kids. You "teach" the kids a classic of magic – the Torn & Restored napkin…but with a surprising kicker. The children actually applaud this trick!

  2. Oil & The Clean Water Act – This is a new twist with the oil & water theme. Show 4 red and four black cards and when you shake them up – the "oil cards" vanish. You are left with only 8 red or water cards. Jon Racherbaumer loves this effect.

  3. One Cup – This is a hilarious routine, fashioned after a Senator Clark Crandall effect and his "blazing" wit. This trick will keep the spectators laughing with TWO amazing kickers!

  4. Name Any Card – This very clever effect is based on Jim Steinmeyer's ingenious principle. This effect is self-working and even the performer won't know how it works. The spectator completely controls the outcome and yet he finds his own selection every time.

  5. Impromptu Book Test – Paul re-vamped an old routine by Richard Himber and made it impromptu. You can use any books from anyone's library and create a miracle. This one is very clever!

  6. Four Card Coincidence – An effect by the late John Murray that is a "self-working" keeper. Paul feels this is the very best "coincidence-type" of trick out there. It is easy to do and thrills everyone.

  7. Snap! - This is a very funny effect double revelation for the spectators. A card is selected and lost in deck. Then the performer holds the deck and asks the name of the selection. He then makes the card rise from the deck – but it's wrong card. The magician the takes the card and shakes it, and with an audible "snap" the card turns into the selection! Includes very funny (and clever) patter.

  8. Telepathic Spectator – This is one of Paul's finest creations. IT IS AMAZING! First the performer reads the gentleman's mind – and then that man reads his wife's mind! Both the man and the woman will be "completely fried" by this ingenious effect. A brilliant routine to be played for couples.
BONUS ROUTINE: This simple effect is a first in operation. Two signed cards transpose under "impossible" conditions. A very direct "in-your-face" trick that will have your spectators wondering if you really are a human being!

As added bonus, Paul, "tips his hat" with a concept that he has been utilizing for years. This ploy termed The Lost Peek that can be utilized by any performer with many of his or her own effects and will bring your performances to a new level. It can turn a humdrum trick into miracle!

Oh before I forget, Paul offers yet another bonus. He explains, in detail, his Simplex Bottom Reversal that has many, many uses. This is an extremely useful sleight that Jim Swain once asked Paul to explain to him (10 times in a row!) at one of Paul's restaurants where he performed.

Included is a pic of Paul performing a one-handed, blank fan…no gaffs or blank cards used – just a regular deck. This is a first.

1st edition 2012, 24 pages.
word count: 11243 which is equivalent to 44 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Jozsef Kovacs
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 20 September, 2013

One more great e-book full of excellent tricks from Paul's professional close-up repertoire. My favourites are: Name Any Card; Impromptu Book Test; Four Card Coincidence; Telepathic Spectator and Signed 2 Card Transpo.

Reviewed by Bob Solari
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 02 March, 2013

Paul's material is Fresh, Entertaining and most of all, Fun to perform - three things that sadly lacking in today's magic! His plot's are well thought out and for the most part, easy to execute. If you're a 'worker' or just a hobbyist Don't pass up the material in "Eight Plus One" or "A Fix on Six", they are both winners in my book!

Bob Solari