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Eminent Coin Production
by Ken Muller

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Eminent Coin Production by Ken Muller

An "almost perfect" production of four individual coins from thin air. This is ideal as a prelude for an effect like Coins Across, Coins Thru Table or even 3Fly.

  1. both hands are displayed as completely empty
  2. a coin is snatched from the air by the openly shown right fingers
  3. a second coin is seen to visibly materialize and is plucked for thin air by the left fingers
  4. the righthand coin is added to the one on the left palm with both hands shown otherwise empty (Note: There is no movement to the body and then hands never touch - no gaffs either.)
  5. a third coin is seen to materialize in the air (simmer/wink/appear) to be claimed by the searching and open right hand
  6. with this coin dropped to join the other two on the open left palm and the right known to be empty, a fourth is produced
  7. these are placed on the table or a spectator's hand and you are clean
  8. you can be completely surrounded in a normal crowd or table hopping setting

All this is possible through a combination of 'Sway Methods', a 'FullOn' display of the searching hand, and 'Twink'.

WARNING! These productions are so incredibly "impossible" that they may overpower your favorite coin effect. 'FullOn' means that your hand is acting as a lay person's would if they saw a coin materialize in the air - the hand open with palm to the front, fingers spread with thumb and forefinger at the ready.

The audience will remember that both hands were shown to be empty (except for known produced coins) between each phase and that the searching hand held nothing before the coin appeared in the air waiting to be grabbed. Yup, the coin is seen to gradually materialize in the air before the fingers touch it.

This is not a complete routine, just a multi-phase production of four coin one at a time that can grab audience attention, introduce you as a "doer of the impossible," create an expectation of magic for your next effect and train useful patterns of performance for later sleights and effects.

Can be done with any four coins, buttons, washers, etc. that your hands can handle, half dollar size recommended. You will learn several new moves, sleights and stratagems that require moderate skill and performing experience. No knuckle busters. But, practice is required - and confidence, and audience engagement skills, and desire to have the audience think "must be magic."

These innovative techniques were developed and refined by me over 60+ years of live presentations. Just learning Swidle and FullOn is worth the investment. The rest of the pages is a gift.

1st edition 2021, PDF 33 pages.
word count: 15596 which is equivalent to 62 standard pages of text