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ESP Card Magic Vol. 14: Various Authors Part 4
by Aldo Colombini

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ESP Card Magic Vol. 14: Various Authors Part 4 by Aldo Colombini
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  • SUPERIMPOSED (Arun Bonerjee): A spectator selects two symbols by cutting the deck. You predicted those symbols in a very original and funny way.
  • ESP BUNDLE (Jozsef Kovacs): A spectator cuts the deck and places a face-up card in the middle (say a Cross). Then he makes packets of cards. At the top of each packet the same symbol appears. Finally, you find the fifth matching symbol.
  • COLORIFIC (Felix Greenfield): A truly sensational effect. Five spectators freely select five cards each from the top or bottom of the deck at random and each find five different symbols.
  • DOUBLETAKE (Max Maven): With the cards in his hand a spectator selects two cards. You take the packet and mimic the spectator’s actions arriving at mates for the two selections.
  • DOUBLY IMPOSSIBLE (Michael Symes): First you divine a chosen design by sense of touch alone and then you predict a second design. You’ll love the method.
  • PREDICTEX (Leslie May): The performer demonstrates he has a prior-knowledge of an ESP symbol a spectator will subsequently select.
  • QUAPEN (Howard Adams): An outstanding routine with twelve ESP cards and two coins. An amazing series of coincidences.
  • ESP-BINGO! (Mat Roelofs): The performer names the symbol of the spectator taken at the start of the routine and another four selected cards appear to bear the same symbol.
  • REGATTA (Leslie May): You proceed to reveal the identity of a selected ESP card, chosen while you shuffle the deck.
  • YOU ARE A STAR (Aldo Colombini): You show four Circles alternated with four Crosses. Four cards are left aside. The other four cards turn out to be Circles, then all Crosses; the other four are all Stars!

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