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Expert Manipulative Magic
by Charles C. Eastman


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Expert Manipulative Magic by Charles C. Eastman

A great manuscript describing manipulative magic with cards, coins, and balls. Included are several moves and effects by legendary trade show magician Tommy Tucker, including the first release of his classic "Six Card Repeat".

Excerpt from the foreword:

In answer to their numerous requests for the latest sleights, tips and "dodges" used by the up-to-date card manipulator, I'm giving them a selection of forty items to choose from. All of them have been used by the writer, so therefore will be found practical. Every reader, be he "an expert" or a young enthusiast, should find something that will suit his style and personality well enough to be added to his repertoire.

Other items, while not new, have never appeared in print before (to the best of my memory). While others, such as the "Continuous production of fans of cards at the finger-tips, Expert fans," etc., are inserted at the many requests of correspondents and brother magicians. The few old "Chestnuts" (without which it seems impossible to issue a book without inserting a few) have been so altered and improved that they can be relied upon to throw the spectator "who knows how all those tricks are done" off the scent.

  • Foreword
  • The Continuous Production of Fans of Cards at the Finger-Tips
  • The Old "Back-Palm" Again
  • Some Very Effective Moves with Six Cards
  • Passing a Fan of Cards from Hand to Hand
  • No Thumb Back Palm
  • Expert Card Fan
  • Reverse Fan - All White
  • "Cover for the Pass"
  • The Front-Palm Single Card Production
  • Double Card Lift
  • Sucker Card Change
  • The Easy Card Shift
  • The Perfect Shift
  • The Deliberate Shift
  • The New False Count Principle
  • Guessing the Number of Cards by Weight
  • A 26 Card Mystery
  • A New Wrinkle on the Five Card Trick
  • The Six Card Repeat Mystery
  • The Card Miracle
  • The Four Aces
  • Vanishing Pack of Cards
  • Manipulative Billiard Ball
  • "The Migratory Coins"
  • The Expert Acquitment with Cards
  • "Top Notch Vanish"
  • "Spectre Vanish"
  • "The Startler Vanish"
  • "The Wand er er"
  • "Natural Drop"
  • "Believe It or Not Vanish"
  • "Fadeaway - A One Hand Vanish"
  • "Surprise Vanish"
  • "The Super-Lift"
  • "Speedex" Vanish
  • The "Laets" Steal
  • "Smpl" Drop
  • "The Reverso Match"
  • The "Miracle" Move
  • "The One Hand Shuffle"

1st edition 1933, 40 pages; PDF 46 pages.
word count: 17992 which is equivalent to 71 standard pages of text